The First Girl I Ever Loved

She thrilled me to the marrow causing an uncontrolled shivering that lingers for about a minute after she has said ‘Hi’

I became a slave to the feelings that overwhelms me at the very instance I catch a glimpse of her sensual gait.

I became breathless just at the moment she calls my name.

She was so beautiful that I kept wondering where in the world she had been.

I was dying in silence not knowing if i should have told her how I felt for her. I was scared, coupled with the fact that I was love lost not knowing exactly what direction to take, I was shivering like a man stripped off clothes on Christmas eve.

In my confusion I decided to consult the only girl in my life that knows all about me from birth, my mother, she told to calm down.

“All girls are human beings too and that they have feelings just like you, who is suffering with loads of locked up feelings that I couldn’t express….”, she said.

After telling her that I’m scared of the fact that she might snob me, she comforted me by letting me in unto a little secret hers.
After listening to her I couldn’t believe that a secret as simple as that has never crossed my mind.

The trick is so simple, so simple that when you hear it you’ll laugh…..

Read carefully as I quote…

“Borrow something of hers, maybe a book, to begin a topic of conversation. Then, use it as long as you want and when she asks you to return her book, you could delay for sometime just to keep the topic fresh for some time and during that time you can begin a conversation harmlessly”.

After hearing that, all I could say was…….

WOW!!!…. That Simple?

I did exactly what my mother told me and before I knew what was happening we became friends and we progressed from good friends to close friends….

But one problem lingered, I hadn’t told her that I’m in Love with her.
Our friendship was so beautiful because i was as devoted like a dog to a bone!
She became the only person that I would want to spend all my day with. I thought she never knew, that I never knew…
There were so many things I did just for her and at those times I could not differentiate whether I was doing those things for love or for friendship. Nevertheless, I enjoyed our being together under the canopy of friendship….

But in all I was heart broken…..


Stay tuned….