How to Create A World in 4 minutes

Being moved or touched in the soul is not a radical move or thought.

How possible is it to convince another to live this world and take a tour into a new world in 4 minutes?

My story has to be so real that my gesture in act conforms to the picture i paint.

How can i tell and make you believe what i believe if i don’t experience it myself?

I must carry the reality in the words which i speak. I must feel every mood that comes with each phrase. I can’t make anybody see if i hadn’t first seen.
There is more to the words than the act of speaking. There is more to standing or sitting to tell a story. There’s more to a speaker than what he says.

People think a story that touches the soul springs up from the moment you decide to speak. Some think that your ability to convince comes from talent alone. But i tell you this that talents fail when there’s no confidence and the true sight of what you speak. Some don’t even try more than they can because the believe talent is enough. Those people that rely soley on talent do not do much of a homework. I tell you this that research and diligent investigation births confidence.

There is more to convincing than just talents.
It’s true that some have the talents of easily connecting with words, but i tell you their connection is still based on some minutes of thought and research of experiences that they can use. They are so good probably cos they have practiced and they are now ‘perfect’.

Creating a world in a few minutes is more than having the words written down. To convince, you have to connect with what is written down and have a clear picture of what you pass accross.

You must be able to help the audience put each blocks together and also the colours to paint. You should be able to give them your eyes to see through.
Muscians create their world, they make you feel what they feel or felt by the energy or the softness in their voice. Musicians pour their emotions into what they sing and that’s what carrier listeners along.

You can only create what you see and feel!.

Steps to take:
1. Do research to support your points
2. Make enough effort to feel what you are saying.
3. Find evidences to prove your points
4. Always update your views.