Getting children to do what you want

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful thing in the universe. That’s the birth of new life.
As they grow older, taking their first step births a new adventure for them. They try to do everything they see, not knowing which is good or bad. It takes the guidance of the parents to protect and put the child on the right course. And i must say, parents do a great deal of work bringing up the children. Please parents don’t give up, your hard work will say out.
Children could be tormenting as to not doing what they should do.
Why don’t they get it that it is for their own good?
Probably because they are at a stage where all they think about is the present and not the future. It is the parents that worry about the future until the children are old enough to know the good from the bad. Children like to play and take adventures just for the fun of it. Fun is always for the present. If it were not all about fun then they’d probably do the biddens of the parents. They’d brush their teeth, never have to lie, be of good conduct all the time.
A child never cares about what the parent wants, it’s always about what they want. They see all the orders of the parents as demands and strictness. They never see the good in the orders because they don’t see from the parents’ perspective.
But i tell you this today…… There’s a way to make a child do want you want without stress and if you do it so well the child might even start doing things by himself or herself….
There are questions to ask…..
1. How well do you know your child?
2. Does your child trust you as he or she would trust a friend of her age?
3. How often do you play with your child?

These questions are crucial.
Steps to take…
1. Play with them. Children love to play. They love a free world with no restrictions. And so they have to understand that you love to play too. So you have to create time to play often with them just to gain their trust.
2. Do exactly what they like to do. If they love to talk, listen. If they love to dance, watch them and give compliments but most importantly encourage.
3. Know them like you are getting to know your partner. Talk to them with enthusiasm with the aim of knowing what turns them on or off, their likes and dislikes. Get to know them one on one.
4. Reason with them. Bring up discussions that will make you know how they think. But discuss with them with the aim of making them know why you make them do what they have to do.
5. Never ever scream on your child. When you are angry, let them know in the calmest way possible. And let them know what they did that was bad.
6. Talk to them with respect. They are individuals too, you know.
7. Know when to respect their opinions and privacy.
8. Most importantly be their friend.
9. Try to always reward they for their achievements and good conduct.

Try all this out and see the magical effect on your child.