The First Girl I Ever Loved…2

I was heart broken because I was unable to talk.

I cherished our friendship so much that I wouldn’t want to do anything to spoilt the good feelings that rolls each time we saw each other….

I could do almost anything to be with her, almost anything. She was my angel, the sweet damsel that causes eruption of feelings that i could not control……

The most beautiful thing still then was the fact that her smiles calms my troubled heart.
That alone was consoling at those moment we were together and i forget the fights i go through just because of love and i just enjoy the beautiful moments while it lasts.

She is just about 5’foot tall. she is slender with a beautiful complexion that glows each time she smiles. She has a beautiful voice and she is a vocalist, a beautiful one that brings down an atmostphere of silence and keen hears that give their full concentration until they hear “Thank You”.

Each time i listen to her voice i get goose bumps with a mixed feeling of heat and cold not knowing the exact feeling that is for true love. I smile unconsciously fantasizing what a beautiful world it would be like if i was ever graced with the priviledged of having her as my girl.

She was indeed a blessing that is so precious and valuable as my breathing soul. I have imagined the world with her and it all seem so perfect………..

But i was dying…dying because i was engrossed in my fantasy but the reality says otherwise.

Reality tore us apart.

Reality made a vacuum in my heart cause i never had her.

Reality made me cry when i saw her smiles but i could never be closer than the friendship space.

Reality stabbed my heart with the double-edged sword that made me bleed because i could not hold her close to my skin with a sweet hug.

That is my story but the worst of it all was that…………

What can you imagine to be the most painful thing that could happen between a girl and a guy that her in love?

After some years passed and i have accepted that i could not have her. I decided to tell her all that had gone through and that i was in love with her.

Then she said “I KNEW ALL ALONG but I KEPT QUIET because i kept telling her we were friends”. I was shocked.
She told me that she was waiting for my proposal. The painful of them all was that


We were to lovers one knew he was in love but never knew she was in love while she knew that we were both in love.

Why didn’t i see the signs?

Why didn’t i know?

I lost the girl i had loved so much without even loving her at all. What a pain!!!

The most painful words were “I had feelings for you too, but you never said anything”

Those words made we cry and even at this moment as i write this i have tears in my eyes………

My heart was broken because of my lack of observation and lack of confidence…