If You Don’t Have Rivals, You Ain’t Worth Much…..

If there were no rivalry, things probably would be the same.

A rival is a pain in the ass that gets you up to search for another you, better or worse.

Everyone faces rivalry one way or another.
The fight to be the best involves the view of a potential threat that will bring you down or disgrace you.
Countries today are striving to be good at one thing or the other with the hope to conquer any opposition or potential threat. The acquisition of titles, No.1 in one thing or the other, has being a struggle since the beginning of man’s existence.

Rivalry brings about competitions that brings about evolutions that moves you away from complacency.

The world has evolved from the rivalry of individuals who sought to become the victor thereby bringing a little change which cumulatively writes the different chapters of history.

I’m face with an opposition that makes me feel inferior to what I am. But i accept the challenge and struggle to be better than who i am and my opposition.

Rivalry brings the challenge, ‘PROVE YOUR WORTH’. Accepting the challenge makes you discover new things about yourself and also to learn new things practically.

Having rivals means there’s a potential in you that you’ve have not discovered. Also, rivalry is a time meant for you to evolve either for better or for worse that is a choice.

So, i tell you don’t see rivals as being negative, see it as a challenge to be better, positively.
If you have a rivals at your work or office, in a group you belong, anywhere at all, be happy because it’s a challenge to prove your worth.
Many times we get angry because rivals are trully pain in the ass. So many times we get frustrated and we would wish everything were perfect.
Our attitude towards rivalry is what makes us better or worse.

Everybody wants to be the best but they don’t be without rivals.

Rivalries are opportunities. Take it up.
Rivalries are training processes. Go for it.
Rivalry is a channel, flow through.
Rivalry is a path, walk it.
Rivalry is a reason to prove your worth….

GOOD luck….. In your endeavours.