Little faith vs Small faith

When the discples were in chaos on the ship in the storm, they woke Jesus up, and He calmed the storm but the first statement He made after that was
“O ye of little faith”

Jesus knew that His disciples believed that He could do everything but they didn’t believe that they themselves could stop the storm with Jesus working through them.
The word ‘little’ means that their faith was far below small faith, reasons;
– little faith questions if God will do everything but small faith knows God will do everything through him if he commands the storm
– little faith does not go the extra mile more than the ordinary but small faith breaks boundaries and reports to God that “Lord i have conquered and subdued in your name”
– little faith sees itself as being weak but small faith see himself as being strong in God and he is confident
– little faith runs around to seek God for everything but small faith stands and calls the power of God to the obstacle
– little faith sees every situation big bt small faith believes God is strong and He’s bigger than every situation
– little faith believes in God but not in himself through God while small faith believes in God and in himself through God.
– it is normal for small faith to see an obstacle and command it but little faith still doubts
– small faith commands respect

‘ O ye of little faith’ was a statement of disappointment to the disciples from Jesus.

If small faith can move mountains, what would a big faith do?

To start moving mountains all you need do is believe in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.


Do you have the bravery to have small faith as a mustard seed?