How to Give your Girl Attention

It is well know that ladies are emotional beings and they require to be taken care of in order to always create good emotions that will keep the relationship rolling.
Most time the success of a relationship strongly and solely depends on whether the man understand his girl or not. Many men are so locked up in their busy world that they don’t know what it means to be in a “Ladies World”.
They confuse the silence and unspoken words and languages of a lady that they think their girl is just being insensitive.
In my last post i made mention of the fact that the best gift you could give to a lady is not flowers or chocolate. Though they may enjoy the fact that you bought them all the things in the world but still the best gift in the world to give to a lady is ATTENTION. Though that might sound simple but yet it is the only thing that a woman would die for. I repeat

“ATTENTION is the only thing in the world a lady would die for”

According to my last post, you must have understood what it means to give a girl attention. This post is meant to show you how to give a girl attention……..
I want you to keep this in mind that every point is important and if you do it diligently, you will get a quick positive response from your girlfriend or intending girlfriend.

How to Give your Girl Attention;
1. Text Her Often; Ladies love words and they love it when you write it to them so they could read it and they would love to keep it so they could refer to it. Texting actually shows that you took time to think about her. Texting doesn’t have to be long, it could be as short as ‘I love you, Girl’ or as long as you want to express yourself. Don’t worry, Just Text.
2. Love Notes: Try as much as possible to give her notes once in a while. I called them “Secret Notes”. Girls blush when they find hiddens notes saying “I Love You”. You don’t have to force yourself to write notes. It is usually good when you write them on impulse. I mean when you get that rush of feeling of intense Love.
3. Listen to Her: Try as much as possible to always give your girl your full attention. They don’t have to always make sense. All they need is just your company. So when next they are talking so much to you, all they are doing is looking for attention and company to express their mind.
4. Be Spontaneous; You don’t have to always go through the same routine of 8pm date. You could always think of something different sometimes. Remember spontaneity is not a planned event, its about creativity. So if you want to give your girl attention try doing something to surprise her. To be good at being spontaneous try doing researches on new things you can do with your friends.
5. Laugh with her, Laugh to her Jokes: This is so important especially if you don’t want to spoil her mood. Always make her smile.
6. Play with Her: Remember I said that ladies like to play. That doesn’t mean they love to play all the time. This is very important because ladies are a compound of emotions and that does affect their attitude and mood. Try to always be available when she is in the mood to play. This does mean a lot to her.
7. Compliment: This shows to them that you are always on the look out for her beauty and are good sides. This alone makes thier head swell. This will always make her want to look better for you.
8. Use Sweet Words: This is very useful in the midst of other guy-friends.
9. Remind Her of Beautiful moments: This should be done when the two of you are alone. When i say ‘alone’ i mean romantic moments. And your spontaneity will pay off at this point.
10. Listen to Her Sex Language: Ladies love sex and approximately ninety percent of the time they look at their boyfriends they think about sex. So if you cannot satisfy her in bed then you are equally not giving her the enough attention that she needs. And if you deny a lady in the aspect of sex then you cannot make her proud of having a man.

These tips on how to give your girl attention works with reliable results.

Try them out and you will not be disappointed.

Remember, the best gift you can give to a girl is ATTENTION



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