The Happiness that lasts…….

You have to be sure that what you are doing makes you happy. So many people are frustrated cos they didn’t have a genuine reason to do what they are doing? Some people think that life is all about the way other people live, i.e. they think following the traditions is what makes life. if you cannot be happy doing something then you shouldn’t even venture into it.
when you find that one thing that makes you happy then the whole world becomes a beautiful place. By then it won’t matter how much you have or how much you don’t have. it would only be that you are fulfilled. Being a cobbler ain’t bad if that makes you fulfilled and more importantly that you are adding smiles to people’s face.
By then your comfort won’t matter, it would then be that you are living for others.
The happiness in life is not your comfort. it would be that you are touching a life no matter how little it would seem to others.
This is when ideas come and then innovations. Doing what makes you happy that makes others happy is what makes this world a better place.
Be happy……. touch a soul.


2 thoughts on “The Happiness that lasts…….

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