Let out the nemesis of Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day, a day to celebrate love. What a beauty!!!
St Valentine lived celebrating lovers and joining them in holy matrimony. It’s a beautiful thing to join couples together, two people who have decided to live forever together in love.
I love St Valentine for the fact that he stood for what he believed not minding the persecution.
After all that he went to birth a beautiful legacy, would he ever want to tarnish this beautiful feeling called ‘LOVE’?
He would be justified if he had his nemesis on those who would stain on the true purity of love.
There are many people out there who have termed Valentine’s day as ‘Sex day’. They believe val’s day is a special day specifically for sex and they see sex as a necessity on Feb 14. That awful. But i tell you ‘Sex is not love, it is only ‘one’ of the acts used to show love’. In facts it is highest act of showing love. Also, sex is only subjected to two people who are in love. Even though that sanctity is not recognized anymore.
Many guys out there make matters worse by hooking up with a girl under the pretence of love just for the sole reason for sex. This is so selfish that it can cause a cupid to cry. This act of selfishness is heart wrenching.
Valentine’s day is not about sex. It is about celebration of love between every one, love birds, children, friends etc.

Love goes beyond sex.

If sex were love, then, i should be having sex with every one i profess to love, right? And those i don’t have sex with i do not love them. This would mean that parents don’t love their children, siblings wouldn’t love themselves which is not true. Since this ain’t true then love is not all about sex and sex is not love.

Then those who see sex as love or love as sex should be punished. And so i say…..
Let the nemesis of Valentine’s day fight for it’s cause. Let it punish all those who defy the purity of love. Let it protect and prove right all those that sincerely live up to the name and expectation of love.

Lovers enjoy each others company. Children feel the love of the parents. Mothers, Ladies, girls feel like the queen you are.

Celebrate Love, y’all.


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