What would make a child obey the parents?

We all know that children could be very stubborn when they choose to be or when they believe they are not heard or maybe when they are enjoying so much of the present and they think that the parents are being too protective. Especially, the teenagers, when they prove to be like they are old enough to take care of themselves, they say things like ‘i’m old enough to take care of myself’ or ‘i’m not a kid anymore’. The fact remains that the teenager is right about not being a kid but they hardly put it in their head that the parents are older and they have much more experience. Also parents forget the fact that teenagers are young ‘adults’ and by so they should be allowed to make their choices. And no parent want their child to be heart broken and so they tend to hold on too tight to their children.
Since parents want the best for their children have you ever wondered what could make your child obey you?. Have you ever noticed that after all the arguments between parent and child, the child would still obey whatever punishment ordered? That’s because they accept the authority reluctantly and that’s why they would break the rules if they could. It’s not about the emphasis of authority like ‘i’m your father’ or ‘i provide for you all’. I tell you it’s about diplomacy, it’s about making the child see your view in the best way possible without arguements of any kind. It’s about bringing up a child in such a way that he/she believes you and knows that you love him/her. It’s about giving the child a sense of responsibility in choice making them understand that you respect them. Thats the word ‘RESPECT YOUR CHILD’. Try this out and you will see that it works. Goodluck.


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