Masturbation; a function or a defect

To every good there’s evil, to every evil there’s good.
To what benefit is masturbation?
What is the purpose of masturbation? Christianity, islam, and some other religion don’t allow masturbation, why?. Those found to practice it are rejected and treated as outcasts. These religions see it as a disease.
But i’m telling you that masturbation has a function.
What would you advise a man with high sex urge to do? Would you prefer him going about sleeping around or would you prefer him to masturbate? Looking at the analysis, he has increased chances of getting infected with one of the many sexually transmitted diseases out there sleeping about than when he safely masturbates. You could advise him to get married, that would help, but would that wife be there with him all the time and would the wife always be in the mood all the time? I guess not. And the wife might even reject when he needs satisfy his urges the most.
Masturbation as a function can be done all time anytime, anywhere. You wouldn’t disturb anybody about your urges.
Masturbation done in the context of marriage for the temporary satisfaction is ok, to me. And this purpose can save a marriage.
Also masturbation done before sex is good because a man who masturbated before sex would relatively have more time to enjoy the pleasures of sex and probably more time to satisfy his wife.
For teenagers, masturbation’s a big deal in terms of finding acceptance with parents, peers etc. Masturbation is a result of what a teenager feeds his/her mind with.
But i will suggest that adults should accept a teenager with this act than reprove and scolding in order to help the teenager curb and control the urges.
Masturbation is not the problem, ADDICTION is.


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