She Fights for a Proof: The Relationship

Voices raised in strength and tenacity,
Views seen from diferent sides,
What seemed black wasn’t actually white.

The steps i took seem innocently offensive,
Doing them for the reasons that seemed right were wrong.

Like cold water in hot oil,
Bloods boil for a personally justified reason,
“Not meaning to……” was actually “meant to……” and “meaning to…..” wasn’t “meant to”

Blind with fury,
Hurt in conclusion made in hurry,
Spices of curry
gives aroma like fumes from a lorry

Choking could seem the escape route,
Yet the misunderstanding had a shallow root,
The reasons give stench of a stinking boot,
Causing fracture to the face with a broken tooth.

Why should i die over a reason of a weightless chaff?
Why can’t i see the painting and laugh?

It isn’t so much a reason that i burn,
it isn’t so cogent that i hold up for a fight.
But i just thought we fight
Make the fury red-bright

She fight not because she’s angry
she fights not because you are bad
she fights, because of you, with you.
She fights because there is no reason why she shouldn’t have fun.
She fights because she enjoys it
she fights because she’s having fun
she fights because she smiles when you keep her company
she fights because it is more than the two of you.
She fights because there is a connection.
She fights because she loves you.
She fights because She wants A PROOF!!!


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