The Revelation: Imagine

Many times we tend to get out of this world. We visit that one place where there’s no law, no restrictions, no judgement, nothing seem impossible. We don’t have to get visa or sit in the economy class. Individually, we own our craft, it can be as big as we want it or as small as we want it. Our wealth is as countless as we want it and as beautiful as we paint, decorate and organize it.
This is a world where we make or break ourselves. Just as beautiful as it can be made it can also be d scariest place we can be. We organize programs; infact we run the show. Everybody has his or her own world. This is the place we get inspirations and revelations we try out in this present world. Give a man five minutes into his world and he can get the revelation that will change his life forever.
How often do you imagine? Where you get the freedom to explore. Change your world by your thoughts and imagination. Try out new things. Beautify your world to beautify yourself. Just as you imagine so it will be.


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