Never thought things could get so complicated,

Different people with different goals, aim, mentality and drive

Giving them ideas does not seem to have the magic touch,

Having the ideas in their palms does not mean they would follow,

They find reasons and obstacles why it would never work,

Reassurance needs being soft and gentle,

The painting of the picture needs patience and skill,

How come the idea comes easy yet the people become lazy?

The melody comes easy but the harmony becomes fuzzy

The pathway gets clumsy,

If care is not taken, the drive drives away,

I didn’t bargain for this complication,

People see things that would normally not cause panic,

They make a mountain out of a molehill,

They do not even want to make attempts,

They talk and they reinforce the stem,

Fear for a change,

Fear of defeat,

Fear for the battle,

Fear to succeed,

Fear for a change,

How would we know if we don’t try?

The path to success is full of failure,

How much failure would it take for just one success?

How are you sure this won’t lead to a huge success?

There is nothing else to do than to try…

There is nothing to be sure of…….. just your heart and instincts……

There is nothing that can not be achieved……..JUST DARE!!!


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