The Cross

The saving grace of the cross. The greatest burden of all times.

Why would I go through for someone who has no glimpse of my existence?

The Sacrifice. The greatest disgrace of all times.

His vessels enlarged to rupture just because of a mere creation that would evade the cross at any cost for any one.
Who is man that you are so mindful of him?
What is his worth that would make you pass through the valley of shadows of the cross to the gallows on the cross?

The Pain. The Suffering.

The punishment with no justification. The disgrace with no sin.
The suffering with no cause.

Shouldn’t You have fought for yourself? Yet You only kept watch till You were disowned the cross.

The little cup with heaviest weight.
You could have taken the cup away yourself. Yet you endured the weight with the wrenching pain.

“Let this cup pass away from Me” was a prayer that had the answer where You knelt. Yet You were subjected to the helplessness of man for mercy. You could have commanded and your word would have never gone void. Yet You decided to act like You never knew tomorrow.

The greatest bravery of all times.
You could have given up. Yet You let the result be the only strength You had to carry the cross.

The Greatest Love. I never knew You. Yet You didn’t mind my ignorance and You called me friend.


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