The Cross

I went to the cross
All because i was lost
So many bills like frost,
Nailed to the Cross.
Some were newly brought,
Some were taken,
Some were removed,
Some to be served at life’s cost.
Getting close enough
My charges before me fills a trough.
Serving them, i can’t ever meet in life.
So i wept,
dropped my bill and left.
Oh how grateful to the one, to the One,
Who has taken my sins away and washed me clean.
I have nothing left to worry about.
The devil may come but the battle is won.
I’m free, i’m glad to be free.

My account of flaws,
isn’t a mistake of the Lord,
But a course back to the Cross.
Where I see myself from the Master’s eyes,
And knew if not for His love,
A prisoner for life i’d be like a captured dove.
My eyes opened,
To my knees, I’m broken.
With Tears of joy, spiced with regret,
Oh my Lord, I’m grateful to be free


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