Jesus’ right, My right

The lord has blessed me with all spiritual blessings. Everything accrued and available to Christ is now available to me. I sit in Christ Jesus at the right hand of God and so all the priviledges that Jesus has i do also. All the miracles the Jesus did on earth are just templates for of to build on and so all the power the Jesus had are now for me. Jesus won’t come down to do this miracles again it is now my turn to do and even do more. His works on earth just tells me that anything is possible in Christ.
I’m a joint heir with Christ that means anything He has rights to I do also.
Jesus said ‘greater things than this you will do’ so i can do things He did and greater. Interesting, so i can turn water to wine if need be and i can heal the sick. In-fact, i can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. All this is possible to me not because i am immortal but just that i have faith. All i need do is think an believe. Jesus walked on water, so that simply means that i can walk on water.
What do you think?


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